Sizing Chart Baresocks 2.0

Ever looked

At your feet?

Wearing modern shoes can be harmful to our feet and overall health. Foot pain hits many of us. And to be honest, have you ever looked at your shoes, and noticed that they do not have the same shape as our feet?

After evolving

Thousands of years

Our feet are perfectly suited for movement! Unfortunately, marketing has deceived us into believing that cushioning equals comfort, whilst true comfort comes from having strong, agile feet. Cushioned shoes weaken our feet, heighten injury risks, and encourage harmful running techniques.

Just enough


Barefoot shoes allow feet to move naturally. They play a crucial role in strengthening
feet, and lowering the risk of deformities and injuries. They improve balance and so provide many health benefits It is time to ditch traditional footwear and go for healthier feet and overall well-being.