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Bare Footwear

Baresocks 2.0

Baresocks 2.0

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    300 miles / 500 km


    Made from natural rubber


    Knitted with recycled CoolMax™


    40° - delicate cycle


    150 grams per pair


    Flexible enough to fit any feet

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How long do Baresocks last?

Expect Baresocks to last at least 300 miles or 500 kilometers, in case you use it on rough terrain like rocky trails.
This is similar to walking from Amsterdam to Paris.

What are the materials used for Baresocks?

Baresocks are made with CoolMax™ yarn, which is a special yarn that feels comfortable, dries quickly and is more durable than most other yarns.
The rubber coating used on Baresocks come from the natural rubber tree in Malaysia. This specific rubber is completely natural and doesn't harm the environment.

Can I use Baresocks as water shoes?

Yes, Baresocks are less bulky than regular water shoes but still provide the comforting protection you get from water shoes. Many of our clients use Baresocks on boats or for water sports. You can also use Baresocks in salt water. Please bare in mind that Baresocks are not waterproof. We recommend drying Baresocks inside out for improved durability.

How do I wash Baresocks?

Baresocks should be washed with regular clothing on 40°C/104°F. Please don't put Baresocks in the drying machine.

Can I run in Baresocks?

Absolutely! Just remind yourself that running on asphalt will decrease the durability quite a lot. Also, running barefoot can be hard on your body, make sure you understand what you are getting into. But once you can run for miles on end, you will definitely feel a better connection to your natural surroundings and improve your overall health.