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Bare Footwear

Bareshoes Classic Knit - Blue

Bareshoes Classic Knit - Blue

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Sizing & Fit

Find below the inner shoe length per shoe size. We recommend allowing between 0.6cm and 1.3cm for the toes.

Follow below steps to measure your feet.

1. Stand up straight on a piece of paper with your heel to the wall.
2. Draw a line on the paper indicating as best as possible the front of the foot.
3. Measure the length between the wall and the front of the foot mark and choose the recommended size from the chart below.


The Classic Knit is our Bareshoe with a sporty look. With an ultrathin 6mm outsole you are sure to feel the ground every step of the way, while it also protects your feet like any normal shoe would.
It comes with a cushioned insole, providing the extra comfort if you are transitioning to barefoot living.

- Upper: 50% Synthetic and 50% Textile
- Lining: Textile
- Insole: Textile and EVA
- Sole: Rubber

Shipping & Returns


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Care instructions

Due to the suede parts on the Classic Knit, it is recommended to hand-wash them if necessary.
In case you use the insole, make sure to take it out once per month to let it air through.
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    For toes to spread naturally

    240 grams per shoe


    Improving a balanced posture

    A grounded experience
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Natural Foot Movement

The Classic Knit lets your toes spread out naturally. They're designed to feel like you're walking barefoot. Unlike regular shoes that can squish your feet, this design gives your toes plenty of space and have a flexible sole, so they feel more comfy and let you move freely when you walk or run.



These shoes assure midfoot and forefoot movement, reducing the impact on your heels. This promotes better foot strength, flexibility, and overall biomechanics. By aligning with how feet naturally move, these shoes support a more efficient walking style.


What are barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes mimic the natural shape and function of the foot, offering minimal cushioning and support for a more natural walking or running experience

What are the benefits of wearing barefoot shoes?

Benefits include improved foot strength, better balance, enhanced sensory feedback, reduced risk of certain foot injuries, and a more natural walking or running gait.

Are barefoot shoes suitable for all activities?

While they can be used for various activities like walking, running, and hiking, they may not be suitable for high-impact activities or sports that require a lot of lateral movement or support.

Is there a transition period for wearing barefoot shoes?

Yes, transitioning to barefoot shoes may require an adjustment period as your feet and lower leg muscles adapt to the different biomechanics and support offered by these shoes.

How do I choose the right size of barefoot shoes?

Select shoes that fit snugly but comfortably. Consider measuring your feet and referring to the sizing chart.